Friday, August 20, 2010

First few days of shredding!!

First off I want to apologize to everybody for taking so long for this next post. But its partly because these couple days of skiing have been so sick and I have been pretty beat after these long days of training. Well after arriving we skied our first two days at snopark which was really fun! Gotta say there is nothing better than shredding jumps with Bobby and Gus...definitely a good time! The jumps are pretty sick at snopark but wish they were a little bit bigger. The rail line is really sick too and some gnarly tricks have been going down like Gus's 4 on pretz 2 first try on a long flat bar! Today we ended up going to cardrona to go skiing and that ended up being a great idea. The weather was unreal today! The drive up we were all super bummed cause it was very overcast and cloudy and all of a sudden we drove through the clouds and it was blue sky and sunny for the entire day and was nothing short of amazing! The jumps were so sick today and it was really good day of training. Walter and I were able to get some doubles in the mix for some bangers in the USA edit! We also had opening ceremonies today which was really cool, all th countries marched through the streets waving our countries flag it was like a little taste of the olympics haha! All in all New Zealand has been so sick so far. Stay tuned for more updates and check out my facebook for all of the pics!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The epic adventure to New Zealand!

Ahhhh man after a 25 hour day of traveling I must admit it feels great to finally be here! Its crazy to think that when traveling here I skipped over the 16th of August! I was pretty bummed about having to be on a plane for 13 hrs here but it actually wasn't that bad at all. I watched 3 different movies to stay awake for the first 6 hours which was a little tough but then I popped 2 Advil PM's and pretty much slept the rest of the way until we had like an hour and a half left in the trip. We first flew into Auckland and it was pretty cold and rainy. Then we hopped on another flight to Queenstown. We hopped in this tiny van packed all of our stuff up and headed to town. After an amazing double cheeseburger at ferburger we packed back into the van and headed to Wanaka. Once we got to Wanaka then we unpacked into our rooms and headed into the town there where it turned sunny! We (team USA) walked around by the lake slack lined for a bit and then ate at an Indian restaurant which was amazing!! Now we are layin low in the condo and getting ready to hot tub then go to bed and shred tomorrow!! Check out all the pics at!/album.php?aid=2067788&id=1021115733

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's goin on Everyone?!?!

Stoked to finally have a blog up to post stuff on and keep everyone updated on my travels! Right now I'm currently getting ready for my trip to New Zealand which is going to be super fun! Not a big fan of packing and I always end up doing it the night before haha. I'm a little anxious for the travels tomorrow since I've never been on a plane ride that is longer than 4 hours. Here is a little picture on how things are looking with my packing.